Email Validation

Hi… Can anyone tell me how to validate Email field…like it must contain A-Z,az,@,.,,-,09 but not /,?.. I have tried using CharAllowed=Az,@,.,,- but its giving error … So please suggest me thanks in advance vikas

You can achieve this by using the CharAllowed property but then you have to fill it out as follows: Az…@@__-- Note that you don’t have to use comma’s. This formula will accept all letters (A to Z and a to z), dots (.), underscores (_), dashes (-) and Ad signs (@) Here is what the online Help says: “You can specify multiple ranges of characters by entering the parameters in pairs. For example, admpzz tells the system to accept the following characters: a, b, c, d, m, n, o, p and z. If you only want to allow a single character, you must enter the parameter twice - a start and an end range. For example, @@ tells the system to accept the character @” Br, [:D] Kenneth

HI…Thanks for the help… but a small problem…if i give Az09@@__–… then it allows “`” (i.e Apostrophe character)to print. this is the only character which navision allows to print…[:D] while validating the email any suggestions… regards, vikas

I think you should use AZaz09@@__–