Email stuck in outbox in NAV 2009 R2

Dear experts, I am facing this issue in NAV 2009 R2 (6.00.33869) that when the user hits e-mail button on contacts screen (as shown in the attached screenshot) > the outlook new message dialog opens > user enters subject and message > presses send, this e-mail sits in the outbox and is not sent until the user goes in the outbox and sends it again.

Is there a Hotfix available for this issue? OR We need to modify any settings in Outlook? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


I have googled around and found this.…/2797572

I think this should solve the problem.

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Thanks for the help Thomas. I have tried this once with the user’s system. I will try once more on some other user’s system and confirm if it works or not.


no problem. Any feedback?

Yes, seems the issue was with the outlook settings after all.