Email Setup

Hello ,

I am trying to setup an email batch processing in MS Dynamics AX 2009, the following steps has been performed:

  1. Add Users to MS Dynamics AX 2009, and add user relations for them, in the Contact Information I set the Email of each user there, also I added the email address in each user options profile.
  2. I Created two new Batch Jobs from (Basic → Periodic → Batch → Due Date Alerts & Changed Base Alerts), and two jobs were created in the Batch Job Inquiry Form. (And the Alerts are working perfectly)
  3. I setup the Email Parameters from Adminitstration – > Setup → Email Parameters
  4. I Setup The Email Template from (Basic → Setup–> Alerts → Alert Parameters)
  5. I Created another new batch for Email Processing from Adminitration → Periodic → Email Batch Processing.
  6. Create New Alert Rule that when a new employee is created in the system, an alert will be fired to the System Administrator.

The Alert is working with all its features,I want this alert to be sent by email to the administartor email which is setup on his User and User Options Profile.

My main problem is that the email is in the Email Sending Status Form (Administration -->Periodic → Email Processing–>Email Sending Status) is inserted with the status waiting, after 2 retries the status is changed to Failed

Hi, do you check the reccurance at email batch processing?

i have the same problem in ax 2012… can you help me to solve this ?

the status email always failed, whereas the email parameters is right.

what can i do next ?