email output does not look like word original

Hi anyone, we trying to make email-newsletter-sendout via segmented contacts. we edited a word document with layouted text and included graphics and defined email-template in “activity codes” like in cronus definition. We faced different results: the word document comes as attachment the document is part of email body, but as plain text and lacks of graphics and layouted text. We checked out with our nsc. They blame outlook for it. We made a seminar with another nsc and here it was ideal: The word document came, with original layout, in the body of the email. But this nsc cannont explain why it works or not. And they do not program anything. In the seminar, they were connected to a exchange-server we believe, which we are not until now. Outlook seem to accept doc-format from Word directly, therefore we do not believe in a problem of outlook, more in a problem of delivering the data by navision. In another topic it is written about a codeunit for mail and formats: html, richtext, plaintext, WORD. So it might be WORD has to be forwarded to the e-mail-client ? Any suggestions ? Regards, Pascal P.S.: We now about possible pdf-mailers, but do not want to make more steps then necessary. It worked that great - as we have seen.