Email Logging with Outlook 2003

Hi, I am trying to setup Email Logging for Navision 3.6 with Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003. I created 2 public folders on the Exchange Server which the NAS user has full access to, and filled out relationship management setup form as per the White Paper. The Email Dispatcher is starting successfully, but every 30 seconds, I get the following warning in the Event Viewer: “This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member GetFolder failed. Collaboration Data Objects returned the following message: [Collaboration Data Objects - [E_INVALIDARG(80070057)]]” The same message appears if I try to run Codeunit 5064 manually. If I run through the code in debug mode, I can see that its failing the SECOND time it gets to the line CDOFolder := CDOHandler.GetFolder(CDOSession); Can anyone help me??

Did you try to reinstall the Collaboration Data Objects?

Hi, i find this Post in an Internet Newsgroup: ----------------------------------------------- This is a known problem with Outlook 2002 SP2’s version of CDO 1.21. There is a hotfix available documented in the following article: 329295 OL2002: The Program That Creates or Configures MAPI Profiles Basically what is happening is that CDO is trying to create a dynamic profile and that is failing. CDO then returns the E_INVALIDARG error. Please contact Microsoft Support and request the hotfix for the above article. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe it helps regards Mathes

I have tried both your recommendations with no luck… any other suggestions? Thanks, Mona