email integration with Novell Groupwise 5

Does anyone have experience modify the mail codeunit to work with Novell Groupwise 5?

You may not be able to use Codeunit 397 Mail with Novell Groupwise 5. You might have to use a 3rd party OCX like There a lot of them out there you just have to find one which do work with in Navision.

Hey, I’ve just added a report that uses mail with GroupWise 5. It works fine withjust a simple change in codeunit 397: MAPIMitteilungen : OCX “Microsoft MAPI Messages Control, version 5.0”; MAPISession : OCX “Microsoft MAPI Session Control, version 5.0”; AusblendenDialog : Boolean; (Ausblenden means “blind out”) That’s what is entered as global variable in the codeunit. But i don’t know for sure what has to be entered in the global settings of the database itself, so the unit can use the entered settings in the OCX-variable. Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Hi, my customer is using Groupwise 5 as well. We are not able to use the stand Codeunit 397- Mail on creating a new message. How should i change the codeunit397 in order to use the Navision email functionality in Novell GroupWise. I have try to find a 3rd party OCX but i have no idea which is the suitable OCX to be used! and accoring to Stefan, the changes in codeunit 397 is not that clear, can anybody help!! : )