Email by thread

I’m trying to send an email by Axapta with this new method companyMail::quicksendThread ( to make the user wait less )

that call in the end companyMail::quicksend

But the email dont get send.

Is this a restriction from Axapta or there is a workaround for this?


Not sure if it helps but usually you have to first config server email to enable it to work, check the SMTP if it is well configured, also the SysEmailParameters.

I would double check if the mail sending is working from the server, and if yes, then try to solve performances issues, also keep in mind that if you force faster emails, the chance of ending up in a mail blacklist will also grow as these also check for quantity of data sent by a giver server and may interpret huge flow of data as spam.

When I use companyMail::quicksend everything goes fine.

Its only when I try to do it by thread.

I used thread many times and I know how to use them.

Its just with email, I’m getting problems.


Well im kind of out of ideas too of how to help, but maybe it is the code acess permission, maybe the inner part of this class requires a specific permission that is not asserted as all threads in ax requires this. If you have not yet tried to use a ExecutePermission class and assert permission on that thread, that might help.