Email body format for while payment made on Vendor in ax 2009

Hi team ,

please help me while sending email i need in the body in this format ?

"Following payment is credited to your account :–

Invoice Number Invoice date Invoice Amount

12345 25/5/2016 2500.00

I write this code for body :

_bodyText = “Following payment is credited to your account :– " +“Invoice Number = “+”\n” + parmLedgerJournalTrans.Invoice + Strfmt(”%1",parmLedgerJournalTrans.TransDate)+ “\n” + strfmt("%1", parmLedgerJournalTras.amount())

I am getting Invoice number ,Invoice date and Invoice amount .

but i need above format .please help me

thanks in advance

You can’t specify format if you send plain text only. Either use HTML body, or utilize e-mail templates.