email alert notification


my requirement is to display purchase reqisition no, name, preparer, item no,product name, unit price vendor account and vendor name from purchase requisition in Email notification with email template can u give me suggestions to retrieve data from ax 2102 with html code?

The values available in e-mail templates are created in EventActionEmail class, you can inject your own logic there.


you said to write our own code but how to fetch data from database ? can u please provide me some sample code with one field from Purchase Requisition

You should be able to get the record by SysDictTable::findFromKeyData(_inbox.AlertTableId, _inbox.KeyFieldData).

Of course, alerts are a completely generic functionality, it’s up to you how you’ll change it to support fields in specific tables.

There used to be KMActionMultiCreate class in 2009 to get email templates and send notifications and alerts. Any idea what could have that been replaced with in 2012 ?