Eliminate null entry on table

Hi all,

I have designed a table which is populating my records correctly.

But on the last line, I have a null entry. Is it because of 2 fields I have created, one as Integer and the other as Option.

How to eliminate this null-entry line?


I’d say if you have NULL values in there it is most certainly NOT populating correctly.

It is impossible to insert NULL values from within any NAV process, so those were put there by some external process. By making sure that the process that inserts those entries is smart enough not to set those field values to NULL, you can prevent these issues.

Lizz, I hope what you have is not truly “null” values, but a blank record (no key field data). If you entered the data from NAV, it’s not what we would call “null” in the NAV world because NAV does not allow null values - and for good reasons. Check out my recent blog to see why: http://bit.ly/IfqsPK . I believe your problem can be solved by setting the “NOTBLANK” field property to YES on at least one field in your primary key (possibly more depending on their use). Without this property set, NAV sees blank as a valid value for a field - even if it’s the primary key.