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Hi, I had troubles the first time, so I hope this message does not appear twice. I think this is true for the whole EU (not for Austria only): next year the tax office does not accept invoices sent by fax, but accepts invoices sent by mail. So we need an electronic (digital) signature on invoices, delivery notes, … in order to be accepted by the tax office. Has anyone experience, how to handle this in Navision (sorry: Microsoft Dynamics NAV!!!). Michael

A digital signature is a bitmap that can be stored let’s say in your company information table. Just like the company logo. So all you have to do is modify trhe invoice to print this bitmap like your company logo picture.


It is an easy writing tool in which you need a pad to sign the document.Firstly you have to create an active X dll file which will open a window caring a area for attachment of signature,just like normal paint program for the Microsoft.The person will sign in that particular area and then you will save it like a Bitmap in the NAV .With the use of electronic signature you can stable your ledger management.By using NAV you can switch to electronic fund transfer,which will be time consuming and also you can use the digital signature from any part of the world.It is easy to use application which will provide you a help maintaining your record with a less effort.

Digital Signature

Hi Quasimodo,

I think at least I understand what you mean by electronic signature (not a bitmap of your signature but an electronically verification that this invoice is valid) the company I work for has developed an addon for this - pleasy feel free to contact me if you are interested.