Electronic payments

For local implementation we will need some form of electronic payments. In the UK some Companies use standard cheques others require an output file which is sent to the bank known as BACS transfer. In other countries e.g. Holland, I know that this file transfer or similar process has to exist to do business. The question is - does this exist in the French version as standard (I don’t believe it does) and do you know if Germany, Finland or USA have the same lack of standard functionality?

surely you could just write a routine (dataport or codeunit or report) to do it!

The USA version just added this functionality in 2.6. Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

Navision Netherlands has developed a complete Telebanking solution, which is available as official Add-On in Dutch and English. Gives input/output in various formats (modifyable), automatic payment processing and reconsiliation, and adds bank/giro books, amongst others. Might be worth to give a look. John

In Switzerland there are two standards (Bank differs from Post) but only one Navision implementation as Navision Switzerland was wise enough to implement the electronic payment in the Standard. In Germany there is only one Standard but there are five Navision implementations done by 5 individual NSC’s. So you see from the answers to this thread that we are in lack of an international standard which - as I have reason to hope - will come soon as IBAN is already a standard since 1997. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 m.fabian@thenet.ch