electronic invoice


I use navision 5.0 and within a few days I’ll use navision 2009, but I’have a question, it’s posible electronic invoice with nav. 2009?


You haven’t given any details what you meant with “electronic invoice”, even if it is Sales or Purchase invoice…

If you had your “electronic invoice” --whatever it is-- in v5, and now your system is being upgraded to 2009, those who perform the upgrade are in charge to keep all modifications/additions in place in the new version.

If it is not the case, please give more detail - otherwise nobody can suggest an answer for you…

Is a functional equivalent of the paper bill and is the transmission of invoices or similar documents between the transmitter and receiver electronic and telematic means.

For an electronic bill having the same legal validity as one issued in paper, electronic document that represents it must meet certain conditions.

This feature is not available in nav5.0

Even in v5 you have the ability to send a report (read Invoice) by email, in 2009 these features are extended.

Again, what are these conditions? In my country it is enough to add a line like This document is prepared electronically and is valid without signature. You then send it as email or as PDF attachment to email, adresee prints it out and voila

So, you then simply create another report, a modified standart Invoice, with neccesary credentials added. Ask your implementing Partner, they should know what are the exact requirements in your country, sometimes there must be some machine-reaable data (in form of barcodes) added.

Docs like Invoices usually do not require electronic signature issued by some trusted authority, this would be an overkill, but there are cases, i.e. a money transfer request to your bank, which require to be electronically signed in a way set up between you and your bank.

Thank you for the information.