either the caller does not have the required permission for the specified path is read-only

i am sending an email from navision 2013 r2, its give me error


Image too small to read…

Standard code or customized? and from where in the system are you trying to send something.

it is a Customized Code, i am sending from HR payroll module.

I cannot see the errormessage. Image is to small. Does the mail have an attachment that you save to a folder and then add it to the mail?? If yes, then your problem probably is that you do not have write-permission to the folder where you save the attachment. You should create a folder manually and then try with that one.

Surely sounds like a permission problem, the the user (client or service user).

Try to run it with the debugger and see exactly where in the code you get the problem.

Yes.i have solved the problem using the debugger, it was an permission issue of D drive.

Normally NAV Service account has full rights so if its getting executed bu that ID you wont get this error but if its getting executed from different ID then you need to provide permission manually to all those file folders.