EDT Relation in AX 2012

Hi all,

I have created new edt in ax 2012.I set the table reference property in edt.I used the same edt in Child table.But look up is not comming.Can any one please let me know how to create the EDT relation in Ax 2012.

Hello Saju,

Check this link…

Hi Saju

setp 1. First create New Edit.

setp 2.Create New Table

First Table Name is NParentRel

then drag and drop the newly created Edt in NParentRel Table

setp 3.Create Index for new created EDT in NParentRel Table

the properties on index is AllowDuplicates to No

and Alternativekey to Yes

setp 4.then select the NParentRel Table and right click on it select properties sheet set the "primary index" property i.e the newly created index

setp 5.Then go to Edt and right click on it ,select property sheet then go to "Reference Table" property Set it to NParentRel Table Name

setp 6.Create a Second Table i.e child Table

setp 7.Then Drag and drop the EDT

then it will prompt the one dialog box

in that dialog box click Yes button then lookup will created on that field.

Naresh,Rajesh Thanks for your reply.As Rajesh said I have checked.I selected the wrong index in table properties.Now it is working fine.


In AX 2012 there is no way to create Relation through EDT. if u want to create relation then create it in tables.it is used to perform look up .

if i am wrong then update me.

Hi Vinod,

For some scenario we need edt relation.

For example,

If we are using itemid edt in more than one field in one table we should have go by edt relation.For that we need to follow the steps which posted by rajesh


As far as I have seen the relation that is made on EDT here, is only made in case of EDT of type RefRecID. It means that on the EDT where we are giving a table reference should be extended by RefRecID. Does that mean that we can only create relation on EDTs of type RefRecID on AX2012 ??

As for my knowledge In ax 2012 EDT “Table Reference” Node is equal to ax 2009 EDT "Relation " Node but creation of relation Functionality is difference as i said previously.