EDT Filter is not running

Hello everybod,

I added EDT on table. Relation is running however EDT is filter not running.

Could you please add a bit more details? If you want somebody to spend time with answering, please do your part and spend time with your question as well. Also please add tags describing the topic and your version of AX.

I am sory.You’re so right. My ax version is 2012. I am new ax developer.

I wanted filter on my EDT. for exaple I have two table City And Customer. City table is has IsActive enum field. City and Customer related table. I want to show only Active City on customer table lookup.

How can I do?

Thank you.

The easiest way is to override the lookup method on the form and to create a custom lookup with the help of SysTableLookup class. You can easily add a range for the IsActive field there. See an example here.

If you want to have the lookup defined directly on the EDT (to be used automatically by every field with that EDT), you have to create a new lookup form and refer it from the FormHelp property on the EDT.

You can find more details on MSDN (Lookup Forms and Best Practices for Lookup Forms).

Thank you very much Martin. I trying.

Good bye.