EDT as an Array


I have an EDT as an Array of 3 elemetns, which is saved in a table as three fields. I have to display the value of all three fileds in a report if they are not empty. How can i get the value of these fields in code by writing a display method.



This is really good question “I Like it”.

Actually Dimension is a good example for your case,

first of all you should as what microsoft do with Dimension

1- Define extended data type as Array it self with two internal Arrays,

so we end up with three Arrays.

just look to the Dimension extended data type it is a live example.

2- this is the answer to your question

you can diplay it one by one.

Example to display Department (Dimension 1)


display sysdim Dimension1()
return CustTrans_1.Dimension[1];

Thats it

Appreciate your answer brother. I have tried and its working now.