Editing the label is not updated


I edit the label text through label editor in AX 2009 for reports. it updated/changed for some hours or a day only after that the existing(old) text only showing in that label name. How to update/changed permanently?

In Ax 2009, When changing an existing label, always restart the AOS(s) to ensure that the change takes place. Notice that the labels don’t get written to the .ald-files until the AOS gets shut down, which would explain why it’s not visible if you have several AOSs or there is some caching of labels.



Hi Jaf, Can you please restart the AOS and check again? Thanks, Hari

Thanks Raghav for your valuable reply. let me restart the AOS in non-peak hours and revert .


After modify the label, i restart the AOS again existing value only displaying not updated/modified one.


Its not updated. i did by create a new label and did same by resarting AOS. now that new label is working fine.

But modified label not update. it shows same old value only.

Thanks for yours valuable reply