Editing/Modifying Opening balance by Journal Entry

Hi experts

My client is using NAV 2013. Previously they were using a software package and the opening balance was uploaded to NAV.

Scenario :- Client maintains post dated cheques by a G/L account called PDC ISSUED. Now a matured entry needs to be made of the cheque whose amount was adjusted in the opening balance while uploading into NAV. Thus now the maturing entry(suppose 100) needs to be adjusted in the Opening balance of the G/L account. How can I achieve this?

Basically needs to reduce the opening balance account by 100 as the entry of the cheque was adjusted in opening balance while transitioning to NAV.


Anyone ?

You can pass adjustment entry in opening balance or reverse the previous entry and pass fresh entry.

Thanks a lot for replying , How can I pass the adjustment entry in the Opening balance?

Using General Journal