Editing Item No.

I have a customer that has an item with no Item No. I am not sure how this happend. They have adjusted, shipped and received against this item as I can see these posted transactions. Because of this, I am assuming that the Item No. somehow got deleted somewhere along the line. Now when they try to ship or adjust this item, they get a message stating “The Item ID must entered”. I have gone to the Item table and tried to manually enter in the Item No. but after selecting “Yes” when asked if i want to rename the record, I get a message stating: You cannot rename a record because the old value of the field below is ‘’, Field: No. Table: Item I can’t figure out how to correct. Has anyone else heard of this or know how to fix it? Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

I think the key to this is the message “The Item ID must entered” this is absolutely not a Navision message, so it indicates that there have been customizations made. I would be looking for something basic, like creting a temp var, deleting it, but forgetting to set the TEMP property. You will need to find and fix the bad code before you worry about th eminor anoyance of loosing one item.

When you (successfully) delete an item, entries related to this record will not be deleted but kept with the “Item No.” blanked - this is standard Navision behaviour and goes for G/L Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Ressources and Jobs as well. In your case, therefore, one ore more items have definitely been deleted. The crucial question here is: How was an item with no “Item No.” created? - this is next to impossible without deactivating the code on the OnInsert trigger. I’m pretty sure someone have created this record (by accidence or ignorance) through code. This record has to be deleted and beware you don’t delete those “blank” entries in the process i.e. remember to use DELETE(FALSE) …