Editing Inventory Unit


I want to change the Inventory unit of item but it is giving transaction exist.Actually i post the movement journal against this item.Can u suggest me how can i change it.


You cannot now from memory, it has started transacting and that is it. You could try removing it so there is no on hand but I am not sure this works.

If you change the unit in table inventtablemodule for that item then new transactions will use it but existing transactions will remain same

In my view, this is not a good solution as inventory costing may get hampered by changing UOM from backend.

Instead, i think you should nullify the impact of item posting by posting negative quantity of item for same dimensions (be careful while posting as you have to take care of accounts).

After that, you can rename the item by changing its code to some redundant code and than create new item with old code and appropiate UOM.

I think this will work…

Changing the data through the back door bypasses the inherent controls put in place. These controls are in place for good reasons, so you run the risk of corrupting your data by doing anything in this manner.


as only the transaction of item is in movement journal,if the price was not described while passing the movement journal, i think then we can change the UOM.