Editing a field in a Page List rather then opening the card

Hi there

How would I develop a change to the posted sales shipments list that would allow the user to adjust one field instead of clicking into the line and opening the card to edit the field. The field that we wish to be editable in the list view is the Shipping agent code.

This would allow the user to go through the list quickly and assign a shipping agent rather then clicking into each order.

Any help, would be appreciated.

Why wait after posted?, why did the shipping agent be assigned after posting?.while you can assign it before posting.

Hi there Ayela

The reason for this is the shipping agent has not been assigned at that point. There is also a separate person who assigns the shipping agent and he does this once the order is posted. We want it to be easy for him to scroll through the list and assign an agent rather then having to click into the order.

You can just create Worksheet page bound to Posted sales shipment header and enable only fields you want to be modified.