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Can an option field be editable for the user?

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Why not? There are dozens, no hundreds of examples in NAV. On the Customer Card, Vendor Card, Item Card, Journals, …

hi luc,

please can you explain? 'm going through all the option fields in the NAV tables now…but cant find any code that satisfy me…

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You were asking:

That has nothing to do with code.

What is actually your issue, apparently I misunderstood …

i have an option field which has option fields has say…payment,sales

Now can a user create an new entry…like if the user want to add invoice then can he/she? or

change the existing values(payment,sales)

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Hi Shona

Do you want to add option string to the existing option field,which is non editable ?


Jerome Marshal.J

Hi Shona,

I assume that you question is “Can I edit the option caption”.

Luc is correct - an option filed is editable - i.e. you can select the option required.

Your Question - No the option caption are not editable

Hi Shona,

Suppose there is an Option field with values Payment & Sales.

Suppose user doing some operation and output is differ than Payment & Sales which is Invoice. So you want to add that value in option field with Payment,Sales and Invoice.

Intially Option field value is Payment,Sales

after some operation

Option field value is Payment,Sales,Invoice.

am i right Shona?

If not than correct me.

hi dave

sorry i dont get you…

What i wanted to know is whether an option field’s value as i said…can be changed in runtime?

So you mean: add in runtime new option values? If so, the answer is “No”. (I guess that’s what Dave is meaning). Wanting this to be possible makes no sense in general as often with an option value a lot business logic is associated. That needs to be developed in code and that’s not something a user can/would do.


[It’s not always easy to pose your question in such a way that others understand what you want, isn’t it? [;)] But keep trying. [Y]]

Why not just add all possible options in the first place?

You have to explain to your customer how nav works and if he doesn’t like it then perhaps Nav wasn’t the right fit for them.

You seem to be altering the system piece by piece as the customer asks for it.

I am not sure how to answer this. The correct AND ONLY answer is NO. I find it hard to believe that people are replying to this and trying to solve it. NO IT CAN’T BE DONE.

Shona I know you are trying to do the best, but in fact you are doing the worst thing possible for your customer. You must tell your boss to get you some very basic Navision training. And to have a senior take over these customer until you learn the basics of Navision.

hi david…

we cross again [:)]

Hmmm…how ever will i learn if some one is not willing enough to teach?

And i did think this forum is for learning Navision!..DID I THINK WRONG ?

hi harry…

Gud Morning(Its Morning here)…

i thought so too…I told the moment i got this requirement that we cant implement it…but i was asked to try…you see Since i cant i dont know A-Z About NAV…i cant argue!..

But all is well Now [:)]…Have Made them understand and got what they need differently [:)]

Was on vacation the Past days…so sorry for the late replies friends[:)]

Forum is not for learning very basic concepts and it is not substitute/ alternative of basic training and manuals. One need to do basic home work first and then only s/he will be able to utilise this forum in best way.

hi Dhan Raj…

thanks for your valued information [:)]

'm very happy to inform you that i did my HomeWork… And the got the solution i needed for my problems [:)]

How will you ever learn if you don’t listen to the advice that you get?

And that would be what daniel? 'm always open to chooses…

It seems like you are only open to advice that goes along with your own ideas, and you are not open to suggestions. I’m not going to point out the advice that you get, that’s your own responsibility. You ask the questions, you get answers, now you want someone to tell you which answer is the right one?

mmmm i do not know what advice you are refering to here, but let me tell you this, advise which does help me are highly apprepiated…but INSULTS in the term of ADVICE?..i dont think so…and i dont care for those kind of ADVICE either Mr.Rimmelzwaan.