Editable option in a form


I have a field in a history form called “Posted Incoming Inspection” which has the SourceTable as “Lot No. Information”. A field called “Corrective Action” is thr for which its value wil be entered by the user. After the user enters I have put a confirmation that does he really want to freeze the field, if the user says yes then the field becomes non-editable. This is working fine but once I escape from the screen and again come back to the same screen the field wil hav become editable again but it has to stay non-editable.

I have created a menu button in which “Corrective Action” is a menu item.

I have written the following code on OnPush() of the “Corrective Action”.

IF CONFIRM(‘Do you really want to freeze the Corrective Action field?’,FALSE) THEN
CurrForm.“Corrective Action”.EDITABLE(FALSE);

“Corrective Action” field Editable Property is kept YES itself in its properties.

How do I keep the field non-editable always once it is freezed? Can anyone help me out with this…

Thanks in advance…

Try adding one more Boolean field in the source table. Set it to yes if you want to freeze the "corrective Action’.

On Open Form check that boolean field and set the field editable property accordingly.



Hi Siddharth,

Thanks for the reply… It works well with the boolean option, but is their any other option that can be done? Coz I have many fields lik that and for all that I wil have to create the boolean fields if it is so…

Hmm , not to my knowledge . This user choice has to be stored somewhere in order to retrieve it the next time. Anyway let’s wait for answers