Editabel Field in Customer List

Helllo, i applied a new field to customer table which i want to edit in the customer List (form 22). How can i do this? In Form 25 (customer ledger entries) you can edit the field “due date” by using F2

If it it just the one field you wish to edit then you would have to set the Editable Property of The Form to YES inlineEditing Property to YES and EDITABLE Property of all the other fields to NO on the form.

Hi, You will need to open the customer list form in object designer and add the new field to the form from the field menu, you can then set the editable property of the new field to 'yes 'if it isn’t already set. If the form is set to editable = ‘no’ then you will have to set it to yes and make the fields on the form you do not want editable set to ‘no’. Hope this helps. Mike [:D]

Hi there, Another (less timeconsuming) solution would be to apply the following code to the OnActivate/OnDeactivate triggers of your field: OnActivate() CurrForm.EDITABLE(TRUE); CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE); OnDeactivate() CurrForm.EDITABLE(FALSE);Be sure to set the properties InsertAllowed and DeleteAllowed of the form to No [;)]