Edit Receive now field in PurchTable form

Hi all,

I need to edit the PO lines>>Quantity Tab>>Receive now field after invoice the PO how can i do it please help me.


Were you able to edit other fields on purchase order line?


You cannot any fields in the line once it is purchase order once it is invoiced, For orders with a status open order you can edit that field.

But for invoiced and canceled orders you cannot edit any fields in the purchase order line.

Please let me know if I Am right?

HI Kranthi,

We are able to edit the Receive now field in other instance and i compare the code both instances no difference found.

but i need to edit that field after invoice if it is possible can u please help me .

Thank you.

Even for the invoiced lines? Were you able to edit other fields?

Try debugging, add break point to purchLine_ds.active() method.

Yes. Even the lines with status received will allow you to edit.

Hi kranthi,

In Test instance1 i can able to edit that field test instance 2 i am not able to edit Received now field i compare the code no diffidence found kranthi.

Thank you.

Check the warning level on invoice orders in AP parakeets.

Hi AdamRoue,

Thanks for giving reply…

This is issue has been completed its a setup issue.

AP>Parameters>Updates Tab>General group > i have change the Safety level of invoiced orders: drop down to None its working fine.

Thanks .

So you are able to edit an invoiced line with that setup?

In AX 2012, it will not allow you to edit a PO line that is invoiced. This is not dependent on the safety level. Safety level determines adding new lines to Invoiced PO but not editing the already invoiced lines.

Yes Kranthi,

Thanks for u r inputs

Thank you.