Edit permission to Vendor packing slip form ?


I am trying edit values in vendor packing slip form ie ‘vendpackingslipjour’ after doing packing slip of po. I set the form datasource table property as Allow edit: Yes for vendpackingslipjour Data source and tryied using code. But I am unable to edit still. Is there any security permission to be done? I have admin rights.



Got it.

we have to do allow edit ‘Yes’ not only to vendpackingslipjour datasource in vendpackingslipjour Form, also we have to set edit ‘Yes’ to vendpackingslipTrans table in the same form. I don’t know why we have set the vendpackingslipTrans while we are not going to edit it(field), so to edit vendpackingslipjour filed we have set both datasource property as Allow Edit: ‘Yes’.