Edit in Excel issue Business Manager NAV 2018

Hello there! I have strange issue with standard action in client base but not in a demo base.i guess it’s something in company setup,but I would like to check it with you.

In client base Edit In Excel action (Bussines Manager role center) on homepage does not do anything.

In demo base,it shows message and finally it opens Excel.

I can see that system table Media Resources in client base is empty but in Demo is full. What I can’t see what caused this,which setup,extension or Configuration Package wasn’t installed or imported.

Does anyone have any idea? Thank in advance!

Hi Milek,

Exactly what is it that you are trying to edit in Excel? When you test this, are you using the same client?

I will start troubleshooting with this link


Hi! After you click this Edit in Excel function you can chose what to edit,like balance sheet or Income statement…But it doesn’t work for any report.

Yes,i test it using the same client.

Thanks for answering, those tips look promising!