Edit and display Method

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Can any one pls explain the actual purpose of edit and display method?

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Display method–genrally used in forms& reports-for view purpose!!

i,e it just display the value to end user and it doesnot store any values in db.

edit??- i dint get that…



Edit method is also like the display method - but you can write some values into it.

For reference see the InventQuarantineOrder form - showComplete method.

when you select this - it will show the ended quarantine orders. Otherwise the non ended orders…

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Can u pls tel the actual purpose of writing edit methods. For example edit noyes base methods in axapta

Edit Methods are EDITABLE display methods.

Check out AP> Vendor > Functions>Open Transaction Editing form . There “Amount to Settle” field is a editable display method.

Check this : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa637541.aspx

Snip from Developers help -

An edit method is a variant of a display method. It returns a value to be displayed on a form and accepts user input.

In addition to the above definition, there are guide lines published in Developers help such as where should display/edit methods should be written, why writing these methods on form is not a good idea etc. You may want to take a look.

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Plz tell me how to save edited values …In CalculatedControl(Edit method) in form