EDI Info needed

Hi I have to give a client a quote for an EDI implementation with Navision 3.6 As far as I can see software wise they will need MS SQL, Biztalk Server 2002. What other software including Navision granuals will be needed to implement EDI?

We Use Lanham Assoc. EDI Module. It much less expensive compared to the Biz Talk direction. We have had no problems. http://www.lanhamassoc.com/edi.htm

We also use Lanham’s EDI module. It’s great, but you must check into what kind of EDI you’re talking about. Lanham’s module is based on US standards (x12). That’s reason why we in Europe (where we use another standard Edifact) are not going that direction. We are going for a Commerce Gateway / Biztalk solution. With this you have the options of both X12 / Edifact EDI documents over VAN and “basic Biztalk” documents over the Internet (much cheaper in the long run).

I’m currently comparing two products, in combination with an EDI component of Watermark:

  • Tie Messaging Portal
  • Seeburger BIS
    The Navision component will export and import text files out of orders, confirmations, delivery notes and invoices which can be easily converted into EDIFACT or whatever format. The Tie or Seeburger product is server based and will convert, route, conform, handle errors and so on. www.watermark-europe.com www.tieglobal.com www.seeburger.com

Sure that sounds really interesting but I need to know if I am correct in saying that all the client needs is if I go the biztalk route is: MS SQL 2000 Biztalk Server 2002 and some Navision granuals What granuals are these? Do they need to buy commerce portal to run EDI? Please advice. (newbie at EDI).

and of course operating system and server(s) [:D]. There is a possibility that you may have to shell out extras for biztalk “adapters” if what you need to integrate with is not built into the standard product. (and these can be very expensive!). (Sorry I know this bit is off topic) We went with www.iwaysoftware.com recently for an ebXML project and although the solution cannot simply be plugged in to navision (custom coding in Nav), it was far less troublesome, more reliable and resilient than Biztalk, which seems to want to do things the complicated way. Regards, edd

You sound pre-disposed to the biztalk solution. If they don’t need the extreme compatibility as Erik was speaking of you would be doing your client a disservice by selling them biztalk instead of something like Lanham EDI. I’ve heard biztalk in of the magnitude 5 times more expensive.

Actually that was not exactly what I said! I said it was important that Lin made it clear what the customer really needs, what documents that they to transfer now and tomorrow. I would never recommend an “standard EDI solution” (like Lanhams) as a long term strategic solution. EDI (as X12 and Edifact) is simply the past and Biztalk the future. Lin must find out where the customer is, as there is “nothing” that is current.

Saweeee… [V]