EDI in AX 2009


I’m looking for Dynamics AX 2009 IDE information. Do you have some ebook or white papers?

Hi Jacek,

I tried to find white paper on EDI but didn’t got any success.

EDI is basically 3rd party application and is used to transfer PO related data between two companies.

They have code like 810, 850 which are used for Po, Invoice etc.

I know about a third party in US who specializes in AX EDI integration. Following is the URL: http://www.datamasons.com/

You may contact them for any information.


thanks for reply.

What is PO ?

PO stands for Purchase Order.

EDI is meant to integrate Purchase order functionality between customer and vendor system.


Hi Jacek,

I guess it all depends on the complexity of your requirement.

If it is straight forward (for example importing customer / vendor invoices, posting delivery notes etc), it is possible to implement this yourself using AIF. Of course this needs AIF skill set but the solution could be built rapidly in-house.

For any complex EDI requirement, I would recommend Data Masons as well. BTW they also use AIF for AX Integration.