EDI for an automobile industry

Hi Erik,

we are facing a requirement from our customer to implement EDI for an automobile industry.

Can you advise me why you think that EDI on NAV is better and less costly?.


Hi Havirt,

Well cannot really say that I think EDI on NAV is better costly, when I don’t know what it should be compared to.

We’re finding the best way to implement EDI is to upload the translation processing to the experts - the VAN. Our strategy is to produce a standard xml file for all trading partners - in bound and out bound. The VAN / Communication partner takes care of all the special requirements that each trading partner might required. This keeps it standardized on the NAV side and significantly can reduce your risk - uploading it to the pros.

We’ve successfully implemented this using a NAV Add-on as well as with Commerce Gateway. If you want more details let me know…maybe we can work with each other.

In terms of cost…Erik is right. $ wise the question is vague. But having gone from full blown Biztalk to Uploaded Service solutions…the later is much preferred and cost effective. You just have to find a good partner to work with…which we’ve established.

My main point is basically in agreement with Swami.

NAV is increasing its market share and as such there have been EDI providers who have developed complete and cost-effective integrations into NAV, and already have the mapping to your customers.

I work with Alligacom who have an embedded AS2 EDI solution for NAV. This is a hosted, integrated and embedded solution. All you have to tell them is who you need to connect to, and what you need to send. They handle the rest. They montior all 997’s (document receipts) with 99.99 accuracy. They also do not charge for mapping updates so costs are 100% predictable.

The other 2 options are: Third party software companies (still need a VAN, have to maintain all maps yourself, tends to be an average of 2x as much cost). Inhouse EDI department (this was popular in the beginning but will cost you about 5 times as much if not more).

Let me know if any of you want more info or pricing ideas.



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Hi Tomas,

Check out eBRIDGEsoft.com .

You will find a totally end to end solution ( No VAN required ~ meaning no VAN charges) . We integrate with NAV seemlessly - no need for human intervention - truly unattended EDI.

The bonus in this case with eBRIDGE is that we have significant experience in the Auto industry; we can do all EDI -including edifact, we have a cumms module that works perfectly and automatic ASN creation and most of the standard shipping labels.

While our solution is the most comprehensive around, it is not the most expensive, by far. Check us out.