EDI (edifact) solution for Attain needed now

Has anyone a EDI (edifact) solution working with Navision (Attain) 3.10 or 3.60 (world wide version)? I’m ugently looking for a solution to a client of my, who needs to be able to send and receive edi documents now. I’m aware that this can be done with the Commerce Gateway. But have anyone actual done it? What was your experience with this? Price is very important to my client, so if a “old-fashioned” edi-solution is available at a decent price, then this would be prefered to the rather expense solution of implementing commerce gateway. Thanks.

You can contact Christian H. Müllertz from Cornator A/S at 70207970. He will probably be able to give you further information about Attain and EDI.

Hi Erik! We have a EDIFACT-Solution based on the “Seeburger Converter WINELKE” (http://www.seeburger.com/). NAVISION ist sending and receiving ASCII-Files (without CG!), EDIFACT-Conversion by WINELKE. We compared that solution with a CG/BizTalk solution, and the Seeburger-solution is [b]MUCH cheaper[b] and absolut relyable [:D] Regards, Jörg

Michael, Thank you, I’ve talked to Christian and he has been very help full. They do have decent solutions [:)] But I would still very much like to receive information from someone who have implemented Commerce Gateway and transmitting EDIFACT documents. Thanks.

Hello Erik, we have implemented the EDIFACT solution as it is from standard attain 3.6. It works based on the commerce gateway. We work with this solution with two different vensors with standard documents (Sales confirmation, delivery advise, Sales invoice) + 2 documents created by our own (Dispatch advise and act. stock figures form the vendor). The converter is the biztalk solution from MS version 2000. When you get the commerce gateway and the Biztalk server running (the must speak togheter, not only run stand alone)then it’s a very stabile and fine solution. If you have the document structure (In house Data structure) implemented in Biztalk server then it’s easy to convert every document depending n the structure of the third party system. But the solutions cost total around 55000 USD incl Navision licenes, MS licenses and consulting costs. Do you need any special information?

Erich, What XML to EDIFACT converter do you use? Thanks.

Erik. We converte the Data with the tools providet from Biztalk 2000

only two solutions are used ? i can’t believe this … we are also looking for an edi solution and i would be pleased if some of the other members would tell which systems they are running … thx !

Hi Alexander, On a short term we will going to use an EDI add-on from Watermark Innovation, in combination with EDI software from TIE. All together it could be up and running for about € 10.000,00. More info: www.watermark-innovation.com Ask for Mr. Wim de Bruin

we use the EDI from lanham. works quite well. http://www.lanhamassoc.com/edi.htm