I am relatively new to NAV. The project I am now undertaking is related to EDI. Right now I am attempting to create outbound ASN/856 notices. The actual mapping and send out will be using a separate tool, TrustedLink from Inovis (now GXS). What I need from NAV are the documents created from actual shipments that I will use into TrustedLink. I see that the E-Ship/EDI apps are developed by Lanham Assoc. Where I am having difficulty is locating the documentation of how to create the ship documents that I will export to TrustedLink. When I go to the setup functions under NAV shipping or EDI, I cannot seem to see how the documents are defined. I can find no useful documentation on the NAV Lanham or this user group sites. What I am attempting s/b rather simple. Can anyone pojnt me to a site or developer manual that will spell out the steps?

We are using Dynamics/NAV 2009 R2 ver 6.0


Al Engberg