eCommerce without CommercePortal

We are going to build eCommerce System with Navision 2.60. As a new commer, I totally have no idea what I need to do. Does anyone have any experience about that. also they don’t plan to use CommercePortal. Thanks, Hong

We are attempting to do the same thing in Nav 3.1 with Native Database. I do not know what is available for Nav 2.6. My ideas where to use the NAS (App Server), MSMQ, and XML docs with a Java Web server on the front-end. I just have to figure out how to do that as an end-user. Any clues here would be great.

NOT RECOMMEND. The CP technics in Navision 2.60 have to many failures. Use 2.65, the first version of the NAS, better and my advice, use the latest Navision Version 3.70.

We used a stripped down version of Microsoft Commerce server. Basically, a SQL Server DTS extracts inventory data from Navision nightly, we then use Navision Application Server to fire SQL stored procedures, which bring in unprocessed ecommerce orders. The orders get placed right into the order fulfillment process in Navision. The orders live in SQL until NAS wakes up, once the orders are imported, we use table triggers to modify SQL as events take place on the order. Its been a pretty hands off solution since its inception.

Use 2.65 better Attain. You must integrate a communication component in navison, that means you need functions to handle the incoming and outgoing data. for that you should use the NAS. There are plenty of ways to do that. it depends what you want to do at your front side, depends of your data structure and workflows in the web.

Hello everyone, I’m study a way to build a component to interact with Navision (the NAS I premice) with .NET languages. My aim is to build a web site who request one or two tables in Navision, so to use eighter Commerce Portal, neighter MS MQueue. Do have somebody make idear if it’s possible? Or did someone make that? Thanks for your reply

I do not know to understand your question. There are two possiblities to pass in and out navision over the nas. 1. Named Pipe Bus Adapter 2. Message Queue Bus Adapter Also you have to use the communication component in navision. Thats it and it works. With or without the commerce portal object. Without you have to type a lot of code in navision. (i did it). Best regards. 1.

This is not necessarily the complete answer. There is a way to build .NET components that can be used natively in NAS (versions 2.6 and up). You need to utilize com interop and it will work just like any other automation object you use in Navision.