eCommerce connection methods?

Hi All,

We’ve recently settled upon Microsoft Dynamics 2009R2 to replace Quickbooks for more than just accounting. Since we’re effectively starting fresh, we’re looking for an eCommerce connector to work with our existing website.

We use CS-Cart ( as our shopping cart which is coded in PHP/MySQL (LAMP Stack) and have been informed that there are competing solutions that have ERP/NAV connectors inbuilt.

We’d love to keep our existing shopping cart and import/export from NAV but can’t seem to find anything relative to this area. Is there an external component of NAV that can assist with importing/exporting data into the system?

We’ve also been informed that we will need to review another shopping carts if connectivity is not possible, however most solutions posted appear to start from USD$20,000?

Kindest regards,
Jesse-Lee Stringer

Hey Jesse-Lee, did you every find a solution for this integration?

Hi DigiTecKid,

No we didn’t - I hired two individual companies to build the addon for our ecommerce system however they were unable to back their sales rep.
We’ve moved ahead with Dynamics NAV integration with our business processes however our cart will always be independants at this time.

Sorry to give you the bad news, but there a lot of fakes developing for NAV under $20k.


I developed the first integration our client wanted with Interspire Shopping Cart (also used a MySQL database). Now they are switching to CS-Cart so I guess I’m going to have to build that one as well. Connecting to the MySQL database is easy. Just use the MySQL ODBC component and Microsoft ADO components to connect, run a query and return a record set.

It’s understanding the structure of the data that is the problem. It’s not very apparent how the order data is all connected across the ten or so tables that I think have data specific to an order.

Thanx for responding though.

BTW, building a connector to pull orders from a MySQL database and create orders in NAV should NOT take $20k. If you have someone build you a full interface do it in steps, testing each step in order. 1.) Pull in order data. 2.) Create NAV sales orders 3.) Push NAV items to the web… Doing it all at once is complicated enough that your chance of project failure will be MUUUCH higher.