Easy stuff

I’m new to Axapta and still have no filling what is possible through settings and what should be coded. Please help with the following questions: 1. What should I do to show all records at once when a form opens? For example, I have a form with data source of 100 - 150 records. When I start the form, I want to load all records of that table and not only part of it. 2. Is it possible for Axapta to suggest a word based on the first few typed characters if a user fills info in a string EDT (extended data type) field without opening the lookup form? For example, when I’m filling the properties of an EDT and I go to the “Extends” property and type “ab”, Axapta suggest “abCModelType”. I want to have the same effect but on form with EDT and not Enums. 3. Is it possible to show in a form the total number of records in a grid? For example, if I go to the Production orders form, it would be nice to see how many orders are listed in the form. I understand that some of these questions may not fit with the Axapta philosophy and this is exactly what I want to figure out. Thanks.