Easy Question

Hello, I am a C++ coder and am new to the Navision environment and the C/AL programming language. I know how to access all of the triggers in the sections and tables of a report but I can not find the way to access the report triggers, e.g. OnPreReport trigger. Please can somebody point me in the right direction. Thanks

On the Report Designer window, you select an empty line below the existing DataItems and go into the C/AL Editor window. Or from the Edit menu, you can Select Object and then access the code.

Are there any good, walk through examples of how to create a report using the C/AL language?

Best thing is to look at a existing report, think how did they do that, export the object as “.txt” and look into it with notepad. You won’t miss any trigger, property.

Dear there are the details of the report designing in c/al u can take a view in the PDF of training material in the folder development. there are some examples also for report desgnning & trigger Info. Best Wishes Ashish Bhardwaj Delhi