Early Receipt Issue

In a Purchase Order Suppose the expected recipt date is 15/09/07. The vendor also promised me to deliver on this date. Suppose the vendor comes with the goos early( say 120907). I want to block the Goods receipt in such a case. How to achieve that. Do i need to add additional fields or otherways are there.

You will need to get the system modified

I would suggest you go this in tandem with your over delivery tolerance. You should write a functional specification of the changes required in the purchase area, what will happen in each instance (is delivery refused even if needed) and any subsequent reporting mechanisms to track vendor performance. Get the customer to sign off and then write the modification.

It’s a simple codeunit change to fulfil that request.

Has AdamRue told work you work tolerance or you will have users complaining frequently.

Which codeunit do i need to change. They are not tracking vendor performance with the receipt. Plz help.

You have codeunit:
90 - Purch.-Post
5760 - Whse.-Post Receipt
Deepening if you are using warehouse receipt documents.