Early Payment Discounts

Got a couple of questions concerning early payment discount. I am hoping there is an easier way to do this then we are currently doing it. Here is a list of the different situations in question: SALES ----- If a customer was suppose to get a discount and didn’t take it (company policy is not to give if didn’t take), how can you get the payment right on the Cash Receipts Journal? The journal always wants to take the discount when available. Same question for the other situation - If the customer took the discount, but paid later then the cut off date (company will usually still grant if it is within a few days). How would someone handle that effiently in the cash receipts journal? Purchasing ---------- Same questions apply for the payment journals - sometimes they will take the discount and pay late (with vendor permission), other times there maybe a special reason that they didn’t get the discount, but the Purchase Invoice was entered with a discount term. Along the same lines, they never get a early payment discount on freight, however the system seems to take the discount off the total invoice, is there a way to make it NOT apply an early payment discount to freight? Maybe my lack of expierence in using the product is showing here, but I am hoping there is an easier way to handle it then we are doing now. If anyone has any insight on any of this PLEASE let me know. Thanks

We too grant the early payment discount if it’s just a few days late. We solved it by adding a checkbox which can be checked to grant the discount. The decision point in the code was altered to read like: If payed in time or checkbox is checked then grant discount. I think a solution like this can work for you for both sales and purchasing if you change the code to ignore the date and to use only the checkbox.

When you select the entry to settle, you can enter the Cash DiscountDate field, and press the F2 button. Then it’s possible to change the date. If you change it to today, then when you bring the line back into the journal, the discount will be given. This is also possible in the Cash Discount Amount field, so if a customer has not taken the cash discount, and still pais before the Cash Discount Date, you can press F2, and then change the Cash Discount Amount to 0.