Earliest Italian navision version?

Hi! Can anybody tell me if Navision Financials 2.60 exists in Italian? If not, what is the oldest version of Navision available in Italian. Thank you very much Tom Dornonville de la Cour Denmark

Hi Tom, the italian version of Navision surely starts from 2.00 (2.01, 2.50. 2.60 and so on), but i don’t know if there are older version than 2.00. Bye.

Hi Domenico, Thank you for your answer. Have you got any idea how I might get my hands on a copy - the download section of the Partnerguide doesn’t seem to have that version… Kind regards

The first release was the 1.30 (in 1998) not the 2.00. In any case I think you have to ask to MBS Italy if you want a copy or to a partner. Bye Marco