EAN location no. with OIOXML - Electronic Invoice

In connection with selling to the Goverment companies, it is required to use an EAN Location no. on the Electronic Invoice in the format of OIOXML. Question is: 1. Is it possible to find a list of all those EAN Locations nos. 2. Is the EAN no. a special number due to it has a format of Prifix P1,P2 and a Reference no. R1-R10 and a control no. 3. In which tables should the EAN no. be placed in Attain? (Customer, Sales Header, Sales Line, Posted Sales Header, Posted Sales Line and Credit memoes?) Please let me know, if anybody got some expierence with this [:)] Best regards, Per Holst

Hello It´s very easy to answer your yes/no questions: 1. No 2. No, I dont think so (but the first 3 numbers are 579, and the last could be a control number (modulus10?) 3. Yes

This web site my help answer your questions. http://www.sanc.org.sg/location.htm