EAN 13 Font Set Recommendations

I would like to print EAN13 Bar-Code labels from a printer. (The EAN13 field is on my Item Card) Where can I purchase such a font set ? Is there any common problems when printing EAN13 code on a printer, or is it as simple as having a text box on a report with the following properties set : SourceExpr → Item.EAN13 FontName → EAN13-CharSet Cheers, Tarek

Hi Tarek, I’ve been using the barcode fonts by azalea (www.azalea.com) a couple of years ago. They are about 200usd, but only 600usd for a reseller licence… You need to do some reformatting, due to the type of bar code but it’s really easy and azalea provides sample code in vb to run this conversion. Once done this conversion, it’s simply putting the text box in a report, assigning the correct font and font size (for the dimensions, otherwise the barcode reader won’t read the barcode) and printing on any laser or deskjet printer… Hope this helps. Saludos Nils

[:D] Hi Tarek! I had this problem some months ago … we discussed it there: http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2691 Well, it’s the german forum, but maybe this could help you … Regards, Jörg

We use the fonts from Datascan Font Service (www.datascan.co.uk) they are reasonably priced and very helpful. Unlike Code 39, it isn’t as straight forward as simply printing the string in the right font. Firstly, although the string consists of 13 digits, only 12 are actually printed. Each digit has three patterns of bars/spaces. One of these patterns is used when the digit appears in the right hand side of the code (positions 8-13). The other two patterns are designated as odd & even parity and are used on the left hand side of the code (positions 2-7). The first digit is encoded in the pattern of odd/even parity patterns used on the left side. You also have to add guard bars at either end and in the middle of the code as well. Datascan provide detailed documentation about the process or I have a codeunit that will do all the work of converting a source string into the string that you need to print. Cheers, John

Take a tour on the following site : www.mynavision.net. There is an interesting product to download (Navibar.exe). This program use an ocx. I think it should your requirements. Best regards Arnaud Bultel

Merci Arnaud! We downloaded Barcode Generator (Courtesy Of Ralph Mayer) from www.mynavision.net and we managed to print out EAN 13 bar codes that our scanners were able to read in NO TIME [:)] A pretty cost effective solution (0 Euro Actually [:D]) that do work! Tarek