E1 and E2 mapping


How can I map E1 and E2 form functionality in NAV 2009 sp1. Is there any way ?

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Jaideep Ghosh

What exactly are you looking for,

Dear Sandip,

My client resides in West Bengal. Say it has a customer, within West Bengal, who want to purchase an item. That item needs to be brought from a Delhi -Manufacturer and is sold to the west bengal customer. In this regards my client is giving 2% CST for it’s purchase from Delhi and is billing with 12.5% VAT to the local customer. The customer is newly starting the business and is unable to take full input credit of 12.5% VAT. Moreover as the Item is a Capital item for the customer it is not keen to take full input credit of 12.5% VAT. To reduce the impact of taxation my client is following a Drop Shipment Process.

It is asking the Delhi Manufacturer to directly ship the item to the Customer’s premises. The manufacturer bills to the client with the “ship to” address being the Customer’s premises. As the Customer is getting the Materials by paying 2% CST, it issues a C form to my client. My client has a liability to issue C form to the Delhi Manufacturer. Again the Delhi Manufacturer issues an E1 form to my Client. My client then issues a Commercial invoice to the customer giving no tax break ups. The customer pays the amount to my client and my client accordingly pays to the Delhi Supplier.

How can we map the above situation ? The problem I have faced in mapping the above situation through drop shipment process in NAV is as follows:

a. Purchase from the Delhi Manufacturer with C form and 2% CST is OK but how can we map the Sale to the local customer with C form ?

b. How can we track the E1 forms receivable from the outside state manufacturer?

Please help…

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Jaideep Ghosh

Dear Sandeep,

Can you please explain me how to do E 1 sales in the following case:

1)A - Seller - Maharashtra

2)B- Buyer - Kolkata

3)C-2nd buyer (B’s customer) - Kolkata

4)D-Consignee - Gujarat

D will issue a C Form to C(Kolkata). B will issue a C Form to A(Maharastra).
Will C issue a C Form to B(Kolkata). ???

HOW [*-)]

Please clarify


Is It possible in NAV ?? I think No.

Why ?? I haven’t tried but will let you know after I have done so.

waiting for your reply. [*-)]

Why you think it is not possible. I have defined VAT ND jurisdition with form C in the tax detail table(using standard Cronus Db) and posted a sales order. The tax got calculated correctly.