Hi Bro’s
When I was pack the sales order items using Plan Line Scanning. I faced this error.
“There are no shipping zones for agent: UPS service: GROUND from code: 31772 to code: 37125”.
Help me.

Is there any Customization or Add on ?

Yes, Add-on E-shipping in that I faced Error.

Please contact the Partner who has developed the Add-on…

Are you talking about Lanham’s E-Ship?

The you need to download & Install the UPS 2013 rates or get them from your partner.

Make sure you get the rates for every state that shipping originates in.

E-ship comes with a dataport to import new UPS Services & Rates.

When importing you will be prompted to “delete all the existing rates” - Choose YES

I Installed this UPS 2013 rates “UPS CA 2013 V1.00” also I will get that error.

Have you looked at table 14000763:UPS Shipping Zone Chart to see if any lines are missing or corrupted?

Mine looks like this for Ground (SI=3) when I filter that zone from my zip.

You’ll have to contact Lanham & tell them there is sonething wrong with the CA Rate file


Is this a new installation or was this not an issue with the 2012 rates?