Can you give me some feedback on the E-Ship module? How well does it work (adding freight, PRO #'s, to the invoice)? Thanks

We have packed and shipped about a million packages with E-Ship. We run LTL, UPS and FedEx shipments through the product. We also tie it into EDI and approx 80% of our volume has an EDI component. We have had no problems I can specifically think of - its very solid. If you want to know anything more specific, you can send me an email.

We use E-ship & Edi also. No problems, you can customize the screens just like all the other forms. Track packages. We added Navision client to the UPS packing station and switched from Worldship to e-ship without a problem. Same scale, same label printers. this pdf might give you more detail: http://www.abcsi.com/images/eship.pdf

apparently the ES has to be capitalized http://www.abcsi.com/images/EShip.pdf