Hi ! Is there any one who has heard ( or implemented) the add on called “E-ship”. Pleasee fwd the user manual for the same if you have :slight_smile: or an implementation, dont know why most of the ADD on’s lag behind in making online help? [:(] I hope this is the right forum to put in this question [?]. Thanks and Kind Regards, Sharan.

For information on E-Ship go to http://www.lanhamassoc.com Lanham and Associates is the Navision Development Partner that has created and is servicing this add on. Quite a few of the NSCs here in the US sell this and also do the implementation and support of this, but Dale and his group will help out with customer installs as they are available.

Hi Bill, It just has a small white paper, But I guess thats okay for the start. Thanks a lot . Kind Regards, Sharan.

Sharan, What specific portion of E-Ship are you wanting to know more about? As far as an implementation guide goes, good luck. The document you downloaded is about as much as you’ll find without talking directly to the staff there and seeing if there is anything not presently published that they might make available. Not too many developers ever really like to document anything anyway so I don’t think you’ll have much luck.

E-ship from lanham has also EDI integrated on it… it’s working on 3.60. Regards,

Actually Alfonso, you are speaking of Retail Supplier Link which is a combination of E-Ship and their EDI addon.

Hey Bill, I got SOMEthing on their web site that could be useful! Thanks a lot! Regards, Sharan.

If I recall correctly, there are actually help files available for Attain versions of E-Ship. They are NOT available for EDI. You may have to ask Lanaham for these though.

Yes, I had to call Lanham to get the EDI & UBP documentation.