E-Ship Misc Package

I’m trying to do a misc package, setup as a Blind Shipment. It only seems to allow me to do a Double Blind Shipment. I only have the Double Blind Shipment checkbox, nowhere to check that its a Blind Shipment. Do I need to pull out that checkbox? Or make the Blind Ship fields (name/address/etc) editable?

Tomato / Tomato :wink:

The Reason you do not see a blind shipment is, that the Misc. Package is not related to anything, from where it can use the blind shipper.

in Navision (E-Ship) terms; if an order is a blind shipment, the ‘sender’ is the Bill-to. if you want to use a third address you use a double blind shipment, and then select a customer to use as the shipper.

You can read more about this on my blog - The adventures of the e-ship guy: http://eshipguy.com/blindshipments

If I use a double blind shipment, then the Ship From and Ship To on my packing list and label will be the same address. What I’m trying to accomplish is a regular blind shipment. For Example, Shipping From “Customer A”, Shipping To “Customer B”.