E-Ship lanham..


Can any body share any documentation regarding E-Ship module (lanham), I searched everywhere but I didn’t found, but I need to setup DHL Account to communicate with web services to get response and need to generate labels. I am new to this module can any body share anything.

Thanks in Advance

I’ve always disliked this answer, but have you talked with your solution center or Lanham about this issue? Either of them should have all the information you need.

Hi Nagaraju,

I have a folder with Lanham Docs for NAV 2009, size is 40mb, I see a bunch of E-Ship pdf’s there, how do you want me to send it to you?


Just a friendly reminder to be mindful of copyrights … :slight_smile:

Hi Pirripipino,

Thanks for response

Can you share the files with Google drive with share option to my mail id


Thanks in advane