E-Ship and Fed Ex

Quick question… Is anyone aware of the specific choices and their prospective definitions for the International Terms of Sale field in the Lanham E-Ship add-on? I’m just tryin to figure out what selection to make on this field based on what they mean to Fed Ex when you choose one of the selections. I’m having difficulty getting a direct answer from their support team and just would like to know if anyone has the appropriate definitions for the 3 selection included in the field. I tried the Fed Ex website but that’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Any thoughts? Am I making sense?

Bill: Had the same problem with an old client of mine. That field is very specific as it drives how Fed-X invoices the User. When you talk to Lanham, did you ever talk to Richard or Karen? Richard has always resolved 99% of my complex E-ship issues. If you still don’t have an answer, email me and I’ll go back into old client file and find resolution email.

Steven… I still haven’t gotten a resolution. Karen’s been out in the field and as usual is difficult to reach. As for Richard, I agree with you. Unfortunately, Richard is no longer with Lanham. Apparently, he’s working for an enduser somewhere in the midwest. I am planning on going to their training session the week of Feb 23 in Atlanta, so I should be able to get a resolution at least by then. Thanks for the followup. Bill